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David South Consulting/David South International (DSC/DSI) draws on real-world experience in strategy for large public organisations. By combining strategy and design methodologies, DSC/DSI has tackled complex problems and shaped and transformed large institutions undergoing crisis and change.

At ease with the digital environment of the 21st century, DSC/DSI has been able to grasp and transform difficult mandates into achievable goals and actions and to chart a path and strategy that gets results and brings out the best in those involved. In particular, it has a strong track record in guiding institutions and organisations during a period of either great transformation brought on by technological changes, or by a crisis. 

As a digital pioneer since the late 1990s, DSC/DSI has been acknowledged as a key influencer in the United Nations’ embracing of online communications at that time and, most recently, in undertaking an innovation-led agenda while placing so-called South-South cooperation at the centre of its development methodology. In the UK, it led on the implementation of the NHS Modernisation Plan with an award-winning child health web portal cited as a “role model” for the wider UK public and voluntary sectors.

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Southern Innovator Issue 1: Mobile Phones and Information Technology

Southern Innovator Issue 2: Youth and Entrepreneurship

Southern Innovator Issue 3: Agribusiness and Food Security

Southern Innovator Issue 4: Cities and Urbanization

Southern Innovator Issue 5: Waste and Recycling

David South Consulting Projects and Impact 1997 to 2014: A compilation of impact summaries and documents

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Practice Areas 


We have worked with medical and health professionals to help them communicate and undertake complex communications projects, either better connecting with patients and other healthcare professionals, or just using digital media effectively. We played a key part in a major modernisation plan for a healthcare system (National Health Service), being called a “role model”. 

Case Studies:  

Case Study 5: GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal | 2001 - 2003 

Health and Medical Journalism 

Canada’s Medical History Community 

Human Development

Since 1997, beginning with working as the Managing Editor for Mongolia’s first human development report, significant expertise and global reputation has been developed in human development innovation. This culminated in the global magazine Southern Innovator for the United Nations. 

Case Studies: 

Case Study 7: UNOSSC + UNDP | 2007 - 2016 

Case Study 4: UN + UNDP Mongolia | 1997 - 1999


Chronicling innovation and leading innovative projects and initiatives. Can draw on vast expertise in innovation, both as a practitioner and as a connector and chronicler.  

Case Studies: 

Case Study 7: UNOSSC + UNDP | 2007 - 2016 

Case Study 5: GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal | 2001 - 2003 

Case Study 4: UN + UNDP Mongolia | 1997 - 1999

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